Portrait of a Family

The little boy smears across it

Older hands waving and grappling
But never together or when so
Too strong and vehement

Here and gone and here
The rhythms are very personal
And different and cherished

The tallest aren’t the fairest or the wisest
They belong in separate frames
Only arched ivory borders for them

Something’s amiss
The little boy is too quick and too young
He invites me but I cannot abandon this

One of a Kind

Surrounded by those who always
Assure him of his uniqueness
He drifts in his small world
Bereft of care or concern

But when similar bright specks
Of various microcosms converge
His dismay is so apparent
His uniqueness so familiar

That he cowers and returns
A solitary lotus flower
Always beautiful and mighty
Afloat its muddy waters